Dear customer,

Since 65 years we are developing stamps for local companies, institutions and private persons. Our goal is to produce and deliver products of premium quality and offer them for a reasonable prize.



1948   The mashine compositor Leo Bodderas founded Lebos Druckstore 65 years ago under the name "LEBO-Stempelfabrik".
1964   The workshop was extended and we started the print production. Among other products we offered the production of publications.
1970   In this year, the founders son Bernd Bodderas joined the business after he finished his examination for the master craftsman's diploma in typography. He extended the print offerings and scaled up the salesroom.



In the following years the offset printing and phototype setting was introduced, so the quality of our stamps and print products could be enhanced even further. After a history of metal type and letterpress printing, we are using modern DTP, laser and digital production technologies nowadays.



As a member of the ProStempel association, you can always expect guaranteed and inspected quality of our stamps which are made of premium environment-friendly materials. ProStempel is an association of the leading German rubber stamp manufacturing companies.  

In our shop you can find a selection of high quality stock products from our partners, like Trodat, Colop, Reiner and more.